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ENERGY HEALING SPELL - Distance healing to cleanse and clear unbalanced chakras, negative energy, and low vibrations. Cleanse your spirit!

ENERGY HEALING SPELL - Distance healing to cleanse and clear unbalanced chakras, negative energy, and low vibrations. Cleanse your spirit!

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Release your energy blockages and restore your physical and emotional wellbeing with this powerful Energy Healing Spell. Reiki infused and uplifting, this spell works to clear unbalanced chakras and negative energy, replacing low vibrations with high-frequency healing energy for a truly uplifting and revitalizing cleanse. Transform your spirit today!

My team and I will supply ALL materials and do the spell on your behalf. This is a spell-casting service that has helped thousands just like you get their dreams and wishes come true.

Have a highly powerful spell done just for you, so you can save time and money today!


•What will this spell do for you?

Energy healing activates the body's subtle energy systems to REMOVE BLOCKAGES. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the BODY’S ABILITY TO HEAL ITSELF is GREATLY STIMULATED AND BOOSTED. IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH, BODY, MIND AND SOUL!

I will SEND YOU POWERFUL WAVES OF HEALING AND CLEANSING ENERGY, even from a long distance away! This is a POWERFUL spell that I will CAST ONCE EVERYDAY FOR 30 DAYS.

If you believe that you may be suffering from LOW ENERGY, UNBALANCED CHAKRAS, OR A WEAK OR DILLUTED AURA, then ask yourself:

Do you always feel weak and tired?

Do you always feel like you are progressing nowhere?

Do you always lack motivation?

Are your personal life love life and your career plans not working out?

Is your business struggling or always low on money?

Does it feel like you have no luck?

It could be that you are blocked by negative energy, unbalanced chakras, and a weakened aura.

I go into a DEEP transcendental meditation to perform a healing to help ENERGETICALLY HEAL YOU, I will COMPLETELY REMOVE ALL BLOCKAGES, CLEANSE YOUR AURA, BALANCE YOUR CHAKRAS, AND CLEAR THE AKASHIC RECORD of all EVIL, NEGATIVITY, AND BLACKAGES and restore your body and spirit to brand new!

Bring back career and business success, good luck, love and harmony in your life NOW!

Many report extremely high success rates, such as: effortless love, career, reunions, proposals, marriages, and life long commitments, even when there was thought to be no hope.

I want to share this spell because you are WORTH IT! You only deserve the best.

*Once finished with the spell, I will send you an email with your spell’s certificate of completion that you may print and frame.*

All of my spells will ALWAYS be 100% SAFE - I only use PURE, LIGHT magic that uses the most POWERFUL Laws of Attraction known to humankind, Deep Transcendental Meditation, as well as ancient secrets that have been used in my Roma (Gypsy) lineage for 5 generations.

Over the years, I have had clients from all over the world, many of which are very famous and rich. All of them report an extremely high rate of success and all feel the power is worth having on their side. I truly hope you can give it a try and see the results for yourself. I am sure you will not be disappointed!


•What should you expect after you make an order?

Within a few hours after your purchase, you may start to feel a sudden surge of positive energy. Some clients have experienced a sense of ease and lower stress levels. Many claim to feel an aura of warm, positive energy radiating from them. ALL of these symptoms are NORMAL! It happens because I am working on your spell and sending POWERFUL energies to you and your environment via telepathy. No bad or negative symptoms have ever been reported because all of my spells only use POSITIVE energy of LOVE and LIGHT. In each spell, I will call on your Angels and Spirit Guides to cast the spell deeply into the intentions and direct that energy to you.

I work with the world's most POWERFUL Laws of Attraction to make your wishes come true.

Your spell will be CAST EVERYDAY FOR 30 DAYS to ensure the most DRAMATIC outcome. Everyday the spell will become INCREASINGLY MORE EFFECTIVE.
Also, my spells won't interfere or mess up with any other spells that you may have ordered elsewhere.

I PROVIDE ALL MATERIALS. There will be no work on your part- just relax and keep a clear intention on the most positive outcome you desire. I will do the rest.

Please note that this is not a physical item, therefore nothing will be mailed to you.


I NEVER use any kind of evil or black magic. My spells are ALWAYS PURE and can NEVER bring any harm to you. They are 100% safe and are the most powerful rituals that exist.

I do not practice occult of any type, nor is it good to use dark power, as it can backfire.

*Even though my spells have a 99% success rate, there is no guarantee that they may work. Keep in mind that the universe works in mysterious ways and in the end, I cannot interfere with any situation that may only exist to help you grow emotionally and/or spiritually to gain a deeper understanding of your soul path - as this is one of the main reasons why we exist in the first place.

**Disclaimer: By purchasing this spellwork you are authorizing me to do the spellwork on your behalf. There are no refunds for spellwork. It is recommended on the day of purchase to visualize the outcome of the spell and keep positive energy.

By law, all ritualists are required to state that All readings, candle burning and energy works are provided for religious and or divertissement or entertainment purposes, providing potentials and probabilities without guarantees as an individual’s free will may determine the actual experience or outcome and limitless opportunities.
These spells are not intended to substitute advice or help from legal or medical professions. You must be over the age of 18. I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a spell purchase if the reading request is outside of my ethical boundaries. I also reserve the right to limit the number of follow-up contacts after a ritual. I do not issue refunds or issue partial refunds.
The purchasing of products signifies your acceptance of the policy statements and releases Magick Oasis from all liability.

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